One Week Countdown to the Oscars!

So… Have i mentioned that I am heading out of Hay River, Northwest Territories in one week today, to head to Los Angeles? I am doing my official one week countdown… to the Academy Awards!

So, technically I don’t get to go to the awards themselves. But in my opinion, this is even better. You see, my sister-in-law, Shawna, is an amazing artist. A fantasy-like painter. Together; her, my mother-in-law and another sister in law get to accompany Shawna as her team, to the official gift lounge to the Oscars. In one week today!!!!!!!!

I was lucky enough to go with Shawna to her first gift lounge last September. We traveled to Hamilton, Ontario to attend the official gift lounge for the Canadian Country Music Awards. It was a fantastic experience. I can remember walking in the day before with Shawna to set up: we got our security badges and walked through the band’s entrance to the basement of Copps Coliseum. As we were being shown to the table where her art would be displayed, country music artist Terri Clark was doing a sound check, and singing “We’re here for a good time”. As we were trying to keep our composure, we walked past CCMA nominee Dean Brody. It was such a surreal experience.

We met artist after artist as Shawna gifted them with their choice of one of her prints. During our first day, I can still remember a lull when there was really nobody walking through the gift lounge for about 5-10 minutes. Behind us was a black curtain where some things were kept, such as chairs and tables. All of a sudden, we heard singer Johnny Reid walking behind us; behind this curtain. We knew it was him as he was quietly singing to himself in his highly recognizable, beautiful voice. What a moment.


As our day went on, we got to hear band after band rehearse. I can still remember listening to Emerson Drive do their sound check for the song “Let your love speak”. It was a great day.

We got to meet artists such as Dean Brody, Terri Clark, Johnny Reid, Tara Oram, Emerson Drive, George Canyon, Gord Bamford, Charlie Major, Deric Ruttan, Jason McCoy, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and Paul Brandt.



When Paul Brandt walked in the room, I was so excited. I might have been shaking a little bit… haha. But then, he was being called and couldn’t walk through the gift lounge. As he started to walk away, I had to go after him… which I did, camera in hand. He was kind enough to pose for a few pictures with me, as he took them himself.

It was such a great experience. Not too long afterwards though, Shawna called me again. This time, asking if I could help her…. at the Academy Awards gift lounge. I agreed on the spot! So now, I am flying from Hay River next Tuesday to Yellowknife, Yellowknife down to Edmonton, then to Calgary and then to LA, where our hotel is right on Rodeo Drive.

The gift lounge is all day next Thursday, and we have no idea who we are going to meet or who we are giving prints of Shawna’s paintings to, but I’ll be sure to blog about it afterwards 🙂 For those of you reading, please check out my sister-in-law Shawna’s website to see her art:

Right now, I have us booked at The Ivy for a lunch, we are heading out shopping to the Grove, and we are having dinner at Koi restaurant one night. Anyone out there have any other suggestions of where we should go? My biggest goal is to somehow get tickets for the 4 of us to see Ellen DeGeneres next Wednesday or Friday….. Tickets have been basically sold out since we found out about the gift lounge… But we are going to try to call to get tickets the same day, which her website says we can do. (Anyone out there able to help us out in THAT department, who is reading this right now???) 🙂 (I have learned that you don’t get anything if you don’t ask for it, so I’m trying here!) haha

Anyways, goodnight everybody. Stay tuned for updates! 🙂 xo

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1 Response to One Week Countdown to the Oscars!

  1. Shawna says:

    Wonderful Linnea! Thank you for all of your help with my shows, I couldn’t do it without you xox Shawna

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