Valentine’s Day= Cake Pops and Aurora explosion!

Well, for Valentine’s Day I decided the night before to randomly try making cake pops for the first time. 60 of them. Random, yes. For those of you who don’t know, cake pops are crumbled up cake mixed with icing to make a moist, crumbly mess. Then, they are rolled into balls, chilled and stuck onto sucker sticks, dipped in melted chocolate and are then decorated.

I made 60 of them from scratch- about 30 for the teachers at the K-3 school that I work at and about 30 for my husband to share with the employees at the Power Corp. 1 cake= about 60 pops.

I left about a third of them as white chocolate, added some pink food colouring for the next third and added red for the final third. I decorated each one differently and displayed them in mason jars filled with white sugar to hold them up, some with pink ribbons around them.



They were a huge hit! And they were pretty delicious… Super moist and really nice to look at too.

Here are a few more pictures!


Jeremy and I had a really nice Valentine’s day… I also made him about 60 skor/peanuty butter chip chewy cookies, which he loved. We went out for dinner.. But the amazing part of our night was seeing the Northern Lights dance across the sky like we have never seen before.

Apparently, yesterday, yes Valentine’s Day, there was a heart-shaped burst of electrically-charged particles from the sun, says Press TV: ( (I couldn’t make this up if I tried). But the light show that we saw about 2 hours out of town was unrealistic at my best attempt to put it into words. They were pink, green and red/violet at times. Jeremy and I missed the biggest burst as we were trying to drive out of town… But we caught some great photos I will post later this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day people! xoxo

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1 Response to Valentine’s Day= Cake Pops and Aurora explosion!

  1. Cora says:

    Nicely done!! I would have loved to have tried one :). Great job on the pics, too.

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