Learning to photograph the Northern Lights

For Christmas, Jeremy had bought me a beautiful camera, as recommended to him by our photographer friend in Hay River, Adam. I am now the proud owner of a Canon DSLR EOS 60D. Learning the camera’s potential is another story though.

The other night, Adam held a class at the local library on how to photograph the lights! After the class, about 10 of us drove out on the highway to a frozen-over beaver pond to try to capture them.

Here are my first pictures I have ever taken of the aurora!!! I’m hoping to take some more when they come back out, it’s been quiet the past week.



The following 3 pictures (right and below)  are ones taken by our friend Adam Hill of all of us learning to photograph the aurora. I am the one in the grey jacket and hood 🙂

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3 Responses to Learning to photograph the Northern Lights

  1. Beautiful. Love the green!

  2. Jolene says:

    Hi, we’re thinking about heading up to Hay River to see the lights. What are our chances for Thanksgiving weekend? Can you see them most nights, or is it hit and miss?

    • hi Jolene!
      Thanksgiving weekend, should be a good chance of seeing them. How many days are you here for? here is what you want to check: look at the weather for cloud coverage, and go to this website: http://astronomynorth.com/aurora-forecast/ This predicts how the lights will be, giving a rating out of ten. you will see them if its a 3.5, a 4.5 is great and anything above that should be fantastic. They are usually always out, but it’s the clouds you want to watch for. Also, look at the phase of the moon. Sometimes the moon is very bright, making the lights harder to see. They were great at the end of august when it was getting really dark out again, but it has been raining quite a bit in september so it’s been hit and miss. October is a good month because it’s still “warm” out. Are you also visiting Yellowknife? Where are you visiting from? I could recommend some other things to do if you would like? 🙂

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