My Thoughts for Thursday

Well, it’s starting to cool down in Hay River. It has been raining for the past, I don’t know how many days, and I don’t think it has gone above 4 degrees for a while now. Fall is usually my most favourite time of year, but I don’t think I will get to see much of it here. I am happy to say that we are moving into a house we are renting beginning next week, which will be exciting! I look at the kitchen and dining room in there and I can’t wait to start cooking and entertaining. I am already getting my Thanksgiving list ready, so stay tuned for those upcoming recipes! I know turkey can be intimidating for first-timers, but it’s worth it!

Another clue that the seasons are changing up here, is that our Thursday tradition of buying fruit from the B.C fruit truck ended last week. Every Thursday, the fruit truck comes bearing all of the sweet fruit from Oliver, B.C, and every Thursday, we would go to fill up our fruit bowl- and trust me, we FILLED it. Apples, peaches, plums, pears, cherries, grapes… Gone until next June. I probably won’t buy as much fruit at the grocery store. I have discovered some local “fruit” that is in season here: rosehips!

I remember Jeremy’s Uncle Cliff mentioning that he used to make rose hip tea, and I began to think of that while walking through the bush last weekend. There were wild rose hips everywhere! After doing some online searching, I have learned that you are suposed to wait until after the first frost to pick them, as it makes them sweeter. You can make tea, syrup, jams and all sorts of other recipes from rose hips, so hopefully I can gather some this weekend and try some new recipes!

As I am sitting here typing, I am watching the 3000th episode of The View. I am finding TV to be somewhat of a treat as I wake up quite early in hopes of getting a call to substitute at one of the schools here, and I can watch all the shows I want while I wait! This is exciting to me as Jeremy and I have not had television since we have been married in 2008 (by choice). Well, we do have a nice flatscreen television which we got as a wedding gift, but we have decided not to buy cable. We find that so much valuable time is wasted watching TV- conversations that aren’t had because of TV watching, or not enjoying the outdoors because of TV watching… Admittedly, There are shows that we like to watch together, such as Mad Men and 30 Rock… But it’s the time spent searching for time-filling shows, flicking the channel changer for hours looking for anything to fill some of that time. And then the commercials… the volume goes up, and they come on every ten minutes!

We have decided to download any shows we want to watch and then use an HDMI cable to run our computer screen to the television screen. That way, you watch what you want to watch and only when you want to watch something. There is no time spent searching for any show to take up some time and there are no commercials. We watch all of our movies this way too. The only annoyance is waiting for a series or a movie to download.

Well, I have learned that the US-based company Netflix, has decided to branch into Canada. For only 7.99/month, you can stream television shows or movies to your computer instantly. No waiting to download! It’s perfect, or at least it sounds perfect. They have a free trial right now where you can sign up for the first month, which I have done. We will see how that goes. If you are interested, visit to sign yourself up. There is a lot of children’s programing also, if you are interested in that! I think it’s great if you don’t want your child(ren) watching commercials which might promote something you don’t want your children to watch.

Well, other then all of that, I am excited for the weekend! Jeremy and I will be going to a Dinner Theatre at Chief Sunrise Education Centre where I sometimes sub at, to eat and listen to Canadian recording artist Rik Leaf and the Tribe of One. It is an Aboriginal and Canadian themed dance, music and art show on the Hay River Dene Reserve. On Sunday, I hope to get back into the forest to harvest some rose hips and try some recipes! Should be a good weekend! Let’s hope the weather gives us some sunshine! 🙂

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